Business English

“Let’s make your working life in an international company effortless.”

Do you have a foreigner boss, clients, or colleagues? Will you be working abroad? Do you want to expand and export your business globally? Then you need Business English and EasyA can help you to learn it easily.

Who should take this course?

This specialized course is ideal for all business professionals who want to increase their familiarity and command of the Business English – from the English communication skills that they can use in the workplace, preparation and practice of the typical business communication methods (such as handling business meetings, presentations, and business letters and emails) and topics and vocabulary that they can use in human resource management, sales, marketing, accounting and other important aspects of business.

What you will learn?

In this course, you will learn the essential skills to effectively communicate in a professional environment. You will improve your presentation and writing skills as well as expand your professional vocabulary to participate efficiently in meetings. You will be able to acquire knowledge on how to manage negotiations and support arguments in the context of Business English. More importantly, we will help you attain a greater degree of confidence in discussing any business-related topics.

Contact us now and we guarantee that learning with EasyA is worth it.


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